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It is strictly forbidden to use the GoTrackNow service to track the sending of spam.  Only legitimate bulk emails can be tracked with this service.

Here are the rules we use in determining if an email is spam:

  • Does the recipient expect to be receiving email from you?  Are they an existing customer, client, contact, or someone who has opted in to your mailing list?
  • Does your email contain a valid "from" address, so that if someone replied to your message they would get a response from a real person?
  • Do you provide a way for the recipient to un-subscribe from your mailing list?

Examples of acceptable bulk email include:

  • newsletters where subscribers have requested to receive your newsletter
  • notifying existing customers about a product/service they have previously purchased or requested to be notified about
  • sending announcements to club or group members

Examples of unacceptable spam include:

  • sending any emails using purchased email lists
  • sending any emails using harvested email lists

If we are notified that the GoTrackNow service is being used to monitor spam, we will first contact the account holder with this information.  Hopefully the problem can be corrected, but in the case where the problem continues, we will refund the remaining subscription fee, and disable the account.

If you have received spam where the GoTrackNow service was being used, please contact us. | Contact Us | About Us | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy